When you consider the number of patient transfers made daily and the effort involved, a PATSLIDE® becomes an essential part of hospital equipment in Wards, Casualty, Operating Theatres, Radiology, in fact, anywhere that speed and ease of operation is needed.

PATSLIDE® not only makes the job easier and safer, but also reduces the risk of injury to nursing staff when transferring patients. The distress and discomfort that patients can experience when being transferred is also eliminated.

PATSLIDE® has proven itself through daily use in hospitals around the world. This unique product has reduced the incidence of back strain occuring during patient transfer; a factor which previously contributed to many lost working hours and long-term staff disability.

PATSLIDE® – manufactured by Briggate Medical Company in Australia.

We are a unique family owned and managed company which specialises in supplying and servicing Australasia’s hospitals, community health centres and private clinics.

Our company’s standards are high and we continually endeavour to provide our customers with not only the most innovative range of equipment and products from around the world, but also provide ongoing back-up and service.

Our reputation, hard earned over 36 years, sets the industry standard for price competitive quality products and reliability in supply and service.

For supply of PATSLIDE®, please contact a distributor in your region.