With the Patslide Patient Transfer, patients can be transferred in 3 easy steps:



1. The drawsheet beneath the recumbent patient is first loosened on both sides and the receiving trolley is butted against the side of the bed.The person transferring the patient reaches across and grasps the drawsheet at the patient’s shoulder and pelvic level and slightly tilts the patient towards him/herself. The receiving person slips the edge of the PATSLIDE® Patient Transfer beneath the patient who is then lowered.

2. The PATSLIDE® Patient Transfer is beneath the drawsheet and is resting partially on both the trolley and the bed, creating a smooth bridge. The receiving person grasps the drawsheet at the thoracic and mid-femoral levels and draws the patient towards him/herself as the transferring person assists with a gentle lift. The patient slides comfortably and easily to the centre of the trolley.

3. The PATSLIDE® Patient Transfer is now gripped by the carry handle and withdrawn. The transfer has been completed and with a minimum of patient discomfort.


Patslide Demo from Briggate Medical Company on Vimeo.