Proven in hospitals internationally over many years, PATSLIDE is widely accepted as being the ultimate in patient safety and comfort during transfer. The smooth upper surface provides low resistance, allowing for easy transfer. When the patients weight is applied, the non-skid inserts on the under surface grip firmly onto the operating table, trolley or bed. It’s easy to position, and lightweight, weighing less than five kilos. The PATSLIDE even flexes to facilitate movement of the patient. Often siderails do not retract far enough causing transfer difficulty. The PATSLIDE provides a smooth bridge, spanning the gaps that occur between beds, trolleys and tables.

The PATSLIDE has no sharp edges or protrusions. Even the handles have been specifically designed, enabling any staff member to easily position and work with the PATSLIDE. The PATSLIDE is easily stored. The PATSLIDE is made from a specially formulated thermo plastic, making the PATSLIDE static insulative and X-ray translucent. With a full appreciation for the need for cleanliness, we designed the PATSLIDE so that it may be cleaned simply by washing with a detergent, or any other aqueous based disinfectant.

The Patslide Patient Transfer is made in Australia by:
Briggate Medical Company
A division of Drewson International Pty Ltd
23-25 Lakewood Blvd, Braeside Victoria 3195
Tel: (03) 9580 5377
Fax: (03) 9580 3688
Tel: + 61 3 9580 5377 International
Fax: + 61 3 9580 3688 International

“Not only makes the the job easier and safer, but also reduces the risk of injury to nursing staff when transferring patients”